Turning Memories into Masterpieces

Custom Painting from your Photos!

How to create a family portrait from your photos.

Would you like to create the perfect family portrait, but you don't have the perfect photo to paint it from? Not a problem, just send us the best photo of each family member and our designer will combine them into one custom made image that our artist will then use to paint from. We will send the mock-up to you first so you can make as many changes to it as you like until you are 100% happy with it. Only then, do you go ahead and commission your painting by choosing the size and finish that you would like, and paying the deposit.

Please see some examples below of our custom hand-painted portraits from multiple photos:

Photos to painting
Portrait painting of a family

How to create a portrait from a poor quality photo.

Or how about you would like a painting of someone special, but you only have a very poor quality photo of them and the background isn't what you want. No problem either, our designer can enhance your photo to bring out the details that are lacking, and our artist can fill in the rest. We can change the background to something less cluttered and neutral so that the focus is on the person in the portrait.

Photos of man
Male Portrait

Here is another example of a customer who only had a poor quality photo of their loved one, so our designer enhanced the photo to bring out as much detail as was possible, removed the background and put her in front of a lovely peaceful blue sky. The customer loved it so much he commissioned 3 paintings, one for himself and one of each of his two daughters.

Photo of woman
Female Portrait Painting

Add colour to a black and white photo.

You may have an old photo of a loved one, or you want to gift a portrait to someone but you only have an old black and white photo of them. If you let us know the colour that you would like adding to it, we can produce a mock-up where we repair the damaged photo, enhance the features and then add colour to it, to come up with a truly custom painting from your photo:

Photos of man
Male Portrait

How about something truly unique? A custom painting of you with your younger self!

Margaret emailed us and wanted to create a very unique custom painting for her husband's 60th birthday. She sent us a photo of him as a young man in his football kit and a more recent photo of him in a suit. Our designer created a mock-up of him where his younger self had his arm on the shoulder of his current self. Obviously a photo of the two of them put together wouldn't look very good, but when painted from a blank canvas in the same style, the painting came out very well and both Margaret and her husband were absolutely delighted with it!

Photos of man and younger self
Male Portrait

What are the pricing and timing details?

We recommend giving our artists around one month from the date you place your order until it is delivered to your door. This is dependent upon the size of the canvas you would like and the complexity of the photo to be painted. Obviously, the larger the canvas the more time it will take. Also, the more detail and/or faces in the photo the longer will be required for our artist to paint your picture.

For paintings 36" and smaller it will take around 3 to 4 weeks to complete. However, if you opt for our express service, you can expect your painting about one week quicker. Please note, our express service does not mean that the actual painting of your picture is finished any quicker, (our artists take as long as they need) but your painting is pushed to the front of the queue for all the other stages, (drafting, finishing, stretching, framing and packaging).

For paintings larger than 36", we recommend 4 to 5 weeks to complete and again our express service will reduce this by 7 to 10 days.

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