Landscape Painting from Photo

With todays cameras getting better and better, and the entry price for a good D-SLR being relatively inexpensive we are seeing our customers capturing some beautiful moments. And whilst these pictures do look lovely, they are transformed when one of our artists turns into into a painting!

Our designer will first of all make some slight amendments to your photo, (with your approval) in order to bring out the best, which will include

  • cropping the photo to make the very best composition,
  • removal of any elements in the frame which do not add to the overall effect,
  • enhance lighting and colour to make the painting as dramatic as possible

Once our designer has done this, we will send you a link where you can view the mock-up and suggest any changes that you feel will make the picture more to your liking. Only when you are happy with it, will we pass this on to our highly talented artist who will re-create your picture in oils! And this is where your painting truly comes to life and is given a depth a photo cannot achieve.

Oil painting of the Grand Canyon

Painting of a lakeland sunset
Oil painting lake district from photo