We can paint a beautiful oil painting of your pet at a great price!

One of our most favourite paintings that gets ordered is the 'Pet Portrait' as our customers just love them. Because you have such an emotional attachment to your pet, our customers generally let us know how much their painting means to them when they arrive, and it makes what we do here at Photo To Painting so worthwhile to know that we have given someone so much joy.

Our artists capture your pets personality and ensure that their true nature shines through. Our paintings are a wonderful memento to cherish forever.

We can work from single or multiple photos - send us as many as you deem fit to enable us to create the best painting possible. There may be one photo where you love the pose, but his/her eyes aren't open, so send us another where their eyes are and we will combine the two photos to give you your perfect painting!

What better way to celebrate love and companionship than with a Pet Portrait Painting!

painting of a dog

painting of a cat
painting of a dog

painting of an alsatian
painting of a horse and rider

painting of a sheep
painting of a dog

painting of a horse
painting of a dog