Gift Ideas for Her

A beautiful Portrait

Over the years we have had countless photos sent in of a customers wife or partner in order for us to turn it into a beautiful oil painting. The benefit of a painting over a photo, is that the photo doesn't need to be in mint condition and of high quality. In order to have a large photo on the wall, it needs to be of extremely high quality, in the region of 10 mega-pixels and needs to be crystal clear and sharp or the photo will look blurred when blown up to a large size and hung on your wall.

An oil painting will obviously not be blurred, and will look stunning on your wall as our artist will paint your loved one using the photo that you send in and make it sharp as she is painting it.

Previous to that, our designer will enhance the photo, removing any marks and imperfections that are on the photo to make the original image as clear and as good as possible. He can also go further and apply his own quick and pain-free facelift and remove any wrinkles, laugh lines, double-chin, bags under the eyes and give her skin a healthy glow and her eyes a sparkle!

Portrait of wife

A painting of her Friends and Family

What better way to celebrate and to give recognition to her by having a specially commissioned painting of her family?

You could dig out an old photo of the happy couple of their wedding day. You can transform the flat old photo that is left in a box behind the stairs to a beautiful and dramatic oil painting on the wall that captures that special day!

Or perhaps a photo of the family on holiday at your favourite destination, at the beach, in her favourite resturant, in front of the Eiffel Tower!

You may have a nice photo for her children which whilst being a nice pose, the lighting isn't right, or there is a mark on the photo, or one of the children in the picture isn't looking at the camera - our designer can fix any issue you have to make the perfect picture for our artist to paint!

Oil Painting of The Bride and Groom

Oil painting of a married couple
Painting of children
Oil painting of 3 children

Her Pets

Pets and our much loved animals is a subject that our customers love to capture in oils, whether they be cats, dogs or horses we love to capture them and they always turn out beautifully. Out of all our subjects, we get the most feedback regarding the paintings we do of your pets.

I think this is because we share such an emotional bond with our pets and our artist captures more than the likeness, but also the essense which makes the painting come alive - which is especially important for those of our pets that are no longer with us.

Oil painting of a chihuahua
Painting of a cat
Oil painting of Golden Retriever

A reproduction of a classic

She may love one of the classics, and want to have a reproduction of it hanging in her home.

Why not have your very own Da Vinci in your living room, or a Picasso in the kitchen? Our artists can reproduce the masters so that your friends and family won't believe you have one in your home, and it will certainly be a talking point!

If you want to be really bold, (as some of our customers have been) give us the famous painting of your choice, and a picture of your loved one, and we can superimpose her into the painting, but we do so in the style of the original artist so it looks like she was the one that was in the original all the time!

This really does look absolutely fantastic and will WOW everyone who sees it, especially her!

Portrait of the Mona Lisa

Her favourite idol, popstar, film star

Whether it be the late great Amy Winehouse, or another legend who is no longer with us, 'Notorious BIG' or even the pop sensation that is Kylie we have some ideas for you, but don't stop at the ones we have come up with. Why not commission a painting of her very favourite artist or band. From a painting of One Direction to David Bowie in oils, we can paint whatever you like, you just need to come up with the artist and a suitable picture. Having trouble with that, then just let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Oil Painting of Amy Winehouse
Painting of Kylie

No need to stick with pop-icons, we have film stars a-plenty, from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, to Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. Pick a perfect film that brings back wonderful memories for her, maybe a film that the two of you share, just think of a film and we can paint it. We can also add some wording to make the painting even more unique and memorable!

Painting of Marilyn Monroe
Painting of Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang

  Just tell us what you want, and we can help!