Horse Paintings

When we first started Photo To Painting , we thought that we would get many requests for paintings of peoples' pets, their cats and dogs, but we get just as many orders for horses as we do the more every day pet!

painting of a horse
painting of horse at the beach

You have such an emotional bond with your horse, due to the amount of grooming, attention and care they need and what they can allow you to do. Not only that, but a beautiful oil painting of a horse looks simply stunning!

We have artists that specialise in animal paintings, in particular horses - who understand their physique and build and as such can capture such realistic paintings as I hope you can see from these pictures.

painting of boy on a horse jumping
Portrait of a horse

Please take a look at some of the paintings that our artists have painted of our customers horses, and if you like what we do, we would love to paint your horse too!

Or if you like what you see, please 'Make an Enquiry' sending us the photo of your horse, and we can produce a digitial mock-up of how your painting will look free of charge, with no obligation to buy!

painting of horses racing