How to create the perfect family portrait

We all like to have pictures on our walls to make a house your home, and what can be better than a beautiful oil painting of your family? So much warmer, and inviting than a photograph, and so much better for so many other reasons:

It is so difficult to get that perfect family shot where every person in the shot is looking their best, looking at the camera with a nice warm smile - and if the picture contains children or animals the photograph becomes just about impossible to take!

Well, we specialise in the Family Portrait here at Photo To Painting as we have a graphic designer that will work on your picture before the artist even gets to see it. We will ensure that every member of your family, (even the children and the pets) are looking their best. It may be that most of the subjects look just the way you want, but it would be perfect if that one person didn't have their eyes closed, or the dog wasn't looking the wrong way!

Our designer can make those flaws disappear, with the help of reference photos that you can email to us, we can open peoples eyes, turn their face, remove unwanted blemishes, expressions, and even make the background more appealing.

If you take a look at the first picture, which is the photo that one of our customers sent in to us you can see a number of issues with it that the customer asked us to correct:

  • The boy has made 'bunny ears' on his Dad's head
  • The boy head is very close to the man in the foreground
  • The man in the foregrounds teeth seem larger than they should be
  • He asked that the man and ladys glasses tint were removed
  • The boy at the front is very close to the edge, so 'more' painting was created at the bottom
  • The lady at the left was very close to the edge, and 'more' painting was created to the left
  • The background was at an angle, especially with the lake being visible
  • The sky was a pallid white, and was 'fixed' to be a nice day.

Since a 'Gallery Wrap' canvas flows around the edge of the frame, you will lose about 1 inch of your painting to the edge. It is therefore essential that there is no detail within 1 inch of the edge. Our designer will therefore 'add' extra picture to the painting to make sure that ALL the detail is visible from the front.

You can see in the finished painting that whilst the man, woman and child are touching the edge of the frame, all their features are inside the main viewing area and none of their features have slipped off to the side.

So, if you would like a beautiful oil painting of your family hanging in your home, but don't have ONE photo that captures everyone the way that you want, don't worry. Send us as many photos as you like, and our designer will combine the images, and make alterations to your picture, until your mock-up is perfect. We do all this completely FREE OF CHARGE and you have no obligation to buy - if you don't like what we have done, don't buy it.

The photo that was sent

Original photo, with requested amendments highlighted

The mock-up that was produced

The mock-up that was produced

Finished family portrait

The finished painting