Turning Memories into Masterpieces

Wall Art Ideas

Stuck for ideas? need some inspiration? Those empty walls are filled with possibilities! Have a look to see what our happy customers have had painted. These ideas will inspire you to fill any blank wall, big or small with character and life - create a home that tells your story.

Commissioning a painting is an easy way to add character, colour, style and personality to your home. There are literally no rules, whether you want to bring home your travels, go giant with a large scale statement, create memories of a special day, time or place or even have a portrait of your favourite celebrity!

All you need is a free wall. Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall, (why not add a window) and art is now more than ever a crucial part of creating the perfect home for you.

Want to try it yourself?
Send us your photo and our designer will create a composition completely free of charge with no obligation to proceed.